Accor Cosmetic Corrector

A treatment with the A|C|C|O|R® Cosmetic Corrector is the gentle alternative to skin
tightening surgery. The combination of plasma and NF+ technology, currently makes the
plasma pen unique, world-wide.
This is an especially gentle and low-pain procedure which achieves incredible, permanent
results -immediately. Additionally, due to continued tightening after the treatment, we
see further vast improvements with plasma skin tightening.
Application Areas
• Skin tightening: Upper and lower lids, Soft Facelift, throat and tummy lift
• Reduction of wrinkles and uneven surfaces e.g. perioral wrinkles, worry lines,
nasolabial folds, forehead
• Reduction of unsightly pigmentation e.g. age/sun spots, liver spots, moles
• Scar reduction/improvement
• Removal or correction of permanent make-up, skin tags and small tattoos
POA, starting from £350