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A modern-day beauty essential, Revitalising & Firming Primer provides a flawless, smooth base for use with or without make-up.


Combining natural plant extracts to reduce high colour, refine pores, soften lines and give the skin a youthful boost. This delicate gel illuminates, hydrates, firms and brightens for a healthy radiance all day.

Formulated with Aloe Vera, Fruit extracts and Vitamin E; a light and delicate skin-firming primer;
- Smoothes over the skin easily, refining pores, softening lines and firming the skin as it absorbs.
- Infused with NATURAL ALOE VERA for reducing high colour and sensitivity
- Hydrates the skin throughout the day
- Gentle AHA's, PASSION FRUIT and GRAPE EXTRACTS work within the skin stimulating collagen to give a youthful boost.
- Helps make-up last longer
- Illuminates, Hydrates and brightens your skin for a healthy radiance all day.
- Use as a base for make-up or simply as a daily treat to replenish nutrients lost during menopause for exquisitely radiant skin.

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