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Targeting the needs of blocked pores, blackheads, oily and problematic skin our Clarifying & Exfoliating Mask has a multi-functional formula of natural actives such as Camphor, Sulfur, Menthol and mineral rich seaweed extracts to fight blemishes and provide exceptional anti-bacterial, healing properties.


Gentle exfoliation helps dislodge blocked pores and control excess oils.

Marine friendly, non toxic NATURAL GRAINS exfoliate the skin
Soothing and antibacterial properties of MENTHOL and CAMPHOR
For problematic skin, including acne, blackheads and seborrheic eczema
Invigorating and cooling skin-penetrating mask to target blocked pores, impurities and remove excess oil
Great for breakouts to speed healing time
Use once or twice a week for a brighter and clearer complexion.

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