Calming and Desensitising Gel

There are many “triggers” which upset the skin’s natural pattern causing a defensive reaction to take place. The skin may redden, become itchy and possibly flake. The Calming and Desensitising Gel contains an intensive concentration of the “healing” plant Aloe Vera which bathes the skin in an aura of calmness and coolness.

There are skin conditions which cause the continuing problem of hypersensitivity. Within all skin cells amin is present. When irritated, the skin’s natural defence system produces histamine, e.g. when the skin has been in contact with an irritant or when the pollen count is high and an anti-histamine is then required.

The Calming and Desensitising Gel helps to lessen susceptibility, thus it has a wonderfully soothing influence allowing damaged areas to rediscover a sense of comfort.

These are some of the skin problems this exceptional gel can help to alleviate, and in some cases it may provide the long term answer.

Erythema, couperose, eczema, dermatitis, acne rosacea, inflamed acne, shaving rashes, urticaria, hypersensitive skin conditions, sunburn, post electrolysis and waxing.