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Black Stone Massage

Body treatment services.

Call us on 020 8508 4295 for more information.

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Lipofirm Pro Face & Body

TriLipo and DMA Technology can give you the shape you want and fight the signs of ageing. TriLipo treatments are the most advanced solution for non-invasive body sculpting and skin tightening. You will see results after the first treatment, but for long term, enhanced results it is recommended to undergo a series of treatments.

  • Inch loss

  • Body sculpting

  • Cellulite reduction

  • Stretch mark improvement

  • Facial lifting & sculpting

  • Wrinkles and fine line reduction

  • Ageing skin prevention

Face                    1hr                        £80                                     course of 6    £400


Body                 1hr                         £100

                                     course of 8  £640


Aromatherapy is the ancient practice of using essential oils, the fragrant extracts from plants and flowers, to encourage physical and emotional well-being. The oils are used to invigorate and relax. When inhaled it is believed that essential oils can influence the brain’s emotional centre and provide a feeling of well being. All treatments are given by qualified aromatherapists.


Aromatherapy Massage (Full Body, Face and Scalp)

                1hr 15mins                  £70.00

Back & Neck   

               30mins                           £40.00

Face, Scalp & Shoulder

              30mins                            £40.00

St. Tropez

Indulge yourself with the richest looking tan. St. Tropez tinted self-tanning lotion works instantly for a streakless application that will last for days. Loose clothing is recommended to be worn for all our Bronzing treatments as staining may occur.

without exfoliation

                    30mins                      £40.00

Hot Stone Massage

With Relax Body Treatment Oil

A deeply relaxing and uniquely personalised hot stone massage that gently releases tension, soothes aching muscles, eliminates toxins and calms mind and body. The secret is in the intuitive way the therapist uses her hands in harmony with 9 smooth, individually shaped, heat-releasing marble and slate stones. Intensified by Relax Body Treatment Oil, rich in relaxing aromatic essential oils.

30mins                  £55.00

1hr 15mins           £85.00


A natural way to stimulate the entire body by massaging pressure points on the feet. Helps to balance the body’s systems to maintain harmony and good health.


1hr                     £50.00

Body Scrub and Massage

Enjoy an invigorating body scrub to remove dead skin cells followed by an application of luxurious moisturisers and firming creams to leave your skin silky smooth.

 1hr                  £65.00

What Our Clients Say

Bath Products
"I came to get some skin tags removed, Karen did amazing! She made sure I was comfortable and answered any questions I had. 
she also gave me all the aftercare I needed, very pleased and will definitely be coming back."
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