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Adding Lashes

Beauty treatment servies.

Call us on 020 8508 4295 for more information.

Ear Piercing

Inverness Disposable Cartridge System

from £40


Eyebrow shape   

                              15mins            £12.00


Eyelash tint     

                              30mins            £20.00


Eyebrow tint   

                             15mins             £12.00


MyLash Lash Lift   

                            1hr                    £50.00


MyLash Lash Lift with a tint 

                           1hr 15mins        £55.00


AH Francis Semi-Permanent 3D Eye Lash Extensions

                           1hr                     £60.00

What Our Clients Say

Long Lashes
"Over 25 years of beauty treatments and friendship from karen and her girls... wouldn't be without them x"
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