We have an amazing new treatment to offer. Guinot’s Age Summum is the newest anti- ageing facial on the market, responsible for treating fine lines, wrinkles, lack of radiance and firmness.
Advertised as an ‘alternative to plastic surgery’, this facial is a holistic way for clients to achieve maximum results with minimal effort.
This indulgent hour-long treatment includes a luxury mask with stimulating ingredients including vitamin C and hylaronic acid to brighten and even skin tone, whilst relaxing yet stimulating massage techniques, using pro-collagen serum, boost collagen and elastin production, lifting, toning and giving a firm, more youthful appearance.
Scientific tests have proved that after a course of 3 (weekly) treatments:
 Wrinkle depth is decreased by 49.4%  Skin firmness is improved by 42.6%
 Skin’s elasticity is improved by 87.7%
The Age Summum facial costs £60 and, following a course of 3 treatments, should be carried out on a monthly basis to achieve the best results.