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Hair Removal

Light Sheer

Light Sheer – The Gold Standard for Hair Removal

The LightSheer Diode Laser System offers high power and both short and very long (400ms) pulses to safely treat unwanted hair. For full information and range of treatments available please see our Clinic Section.

All areas treated, prices on request.

Underarm from £75.00
Basic Bikini Line from £75.00
1⁄2 Leg from £300.00
Facial Hair from £45.00

Electrolysis – Diathermy

Using gold ballet disposable needles.

15mins £15.00
20mins £18.00
30mins £25.00
45mins £42.50
1hr £49.00

Depilex Blend

The Blend method works similarly to electrolysis but with the addition of the application of an extra galvanic current through the needle to create a chemical reaction at the hair root. This provides the therapist with an extremely effective and successful method of hair removal, which many clients find more comfortable than existing methods.

15mins £19.00
30mins £36.50
1hr £53.00


from £10.00


Gentle warm organic wax

1/2 Leg £17.00
3/4 Leg £19.50
Full Leg & Basic Bikini Line £32.00
Full Leg & High Bikini Line £35.00
Full Leg Wax & Brazillian £45.00
Full Leg Wax & G String £55.00
Full Leg Wax & Hollywood £60.00
Underarm £14.00
Forearm £17.00
Chin £8.00
Lip £8.00
Basic Bikini Line £13.00
High Bikini Line £16.00
Brazillian £25.00
G String £35.00
Hollywood £40.00
1/2 Back £21.00
Full Back £31.00
Chest £31.00